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ScamSniper Result

First scanned: 8 months ago

First scanned:
8 months ago


This is just an indication. Please DYOR by clicking the detailed scans below and using your own judgement for the project as a whole.

Token Information

Token name Floki Shiba ($FSHIB)
Network Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Holders 98,437 holders

Honeypot Check

This honeypot check simulates a buy/sell on PancakeSwap V2. Sufficient liquidity on PancakeSwap V2 with BNB trading pair is required, otherwise it may show a false positive.

Honeypot check
Seems like a honeypot!
Buy Tax 99 % buy tax
Warning: very high buy tax!
Sell Tax 99.1 % sell tax
Warning: very high sell tax!

Liquidity Check new

Checks for PancakeSwap V2 liquidity with BNB and BUSD trading pairs. This will show empty for presale tokens or if a different swap is used. If token has launched and has very low liquidity, please beware. Please check TokenSniffer for information about liquidity burn/lock to avoid rugs.

Liquidity Check
Warning: low liquidity found
FSHIB / BNB Pool 0.74 BNB ($ 347)
FSHIB / BUSD Pool 69.65 BUSD ($ 70)


Audited By: TechRate

Contract Scanners

Safety Rating MEDIUM RISK
Safety Rating UNKNOWN
Safety Rating HIGH RISK

Disclaimer: this software is in beta. This is just a tool to help you spot scams. There can be false positives and false negatives. Always DYOR before investing!